Who we are

We created CityStasher to connect travellers with local shops and hotels who can store their bags. It’s simple, scalable and helps travellers make the best of their time. CityStasher has been rapidly growing over the last year and we’re now closing a $1mill funding round (it’s £850k, but $1mill sounds so much cooler doesn’t it) to fuel our global expansion. We’re searching for an Athens based Business Development Manager to join us on our mission to free the world from burdensome luggage. To find out more about the business, check out www.citystasher.com.

We’re a young team who strongly believes in making your work a positive part of your life, creating a flexible working environment and making an impact through what we do. People you know will be using our product and we take pride in offering them a good service. As we’re early stage, you’ll have a formative position that’s wider than just your role – and we totally welcome that! There’ll be a comfortable budget to make sure you have the kit you need to succeed.

What will you be doing?

The role will involve a lot of autonomy and we expect you to work with the CCO to not just ‘hit targets’ but really chart a course for our regional growth. Ultimately we hope you will grow into the Regional Manager. That means that you’ll:

Take full ownership over local sales and building the local network
Feed back to the team on developing our future sales strategy and regional roll-outs.
Liaise with HQ and manage local onboarding and host management
Build partnerships with local businesses in adjacent spaces
Clearly report back on progress of your local market

The role will temporarily include operational support and customer support *on Saturdays and Sundays*. We aim to phase this out of the role in due course, but you will be tasked with hiring, training and managing part-time staff to fill this role in Athens.

What sort of background are we looking for?

Whilst we set out an idea of what we think a good hire would look like, please do not be put off if this doesn’t perfectly describe you. Smart people who are happy where they work can always learn new skills

Strong academic record
Generally technically adept (no issues using google docs, etc)
Strong communicator
Fluency in local language
Business fluency in English

It’s not a requirement, but It’d also be great if you have…

Experience working at a startup (or you can articulate strong motivations for joining wanting to join one)
Sales experience